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Student Affairs Program Fund

The Department of Student Affairs provides funds to student clubs or organizations that provide campus-wide programs at Caltech. The Student Affairs Program Fund is intended for social, cultural, and recreational events and activities that encourage participation from the student community. Our goal is to assist student organizations not only with funding for their programs, but also to help with ideas, support, planning, and organization. The general guidelines for acquiring funding are listed below. In order for a funding proposal to be submitted, the student organization must first open a club account with the Bursar's office. If you have questions about the funding process, please contact the office Business Administrator at (626) 395-3208.

Student Affairs Program Fund Policy

General Guidelines

  1. In order to be eligible for Student Affairs Program Funds, clubs or organizations must be open to all interested undergraduate and graduate students. Clubs also need to have a web page listed on the Caltech website and register with ASCIT using their registration form.  The club or organization event must be sponsored by  one of the Student Affairs departments below or by the Caltech Y.
  2. Student Affairs is interested in funding those activities that have an impact on the Caltech community and that encourage student participation. Clubs and/or organizations are required to report statistics that indicate participation in the program.
  3. Programs that are funded must be well advertised to the entire Caltech community. Advertisements should include not only flyers on campus, but also announcements in The California Tech, the GSC Newsletter, and the Campus Master Calendar.
  4. A proposal needs to include a clear, coherent and complete budget.
  5. A follow-up report is highly recomended, but not required. Any funds not used for the proposed program will be returned to the Student Affairs Program Fund and will help ensure future funding.

Sponsoring Student Affairs Departments

Athletics (626) 395-6146
Career Development Center (626) 395-6361
Counseling Center (626) 395-8331
Fellowships and Study Abroad (626) 395-2150
Graduate Studies Office (626) 395-6346
Health Center (626) 395-6393
International Student Programs (626) 395-6330
Performing and Visual Arts (626) 395-3295
Residence Life (626) 395-6194
Undergraduate Deans Office (626) 395-6351
Student Affairs (626) 395-3662

Funding Guidelines


Funding proposals need to be submitted at least three weeks before the event is to take place.

Financial Report

It is critical that the proposal include a clear, coherent and complete budget. Specific items should be listed with the exact cost or as accurate an estimate as possible.

Funding Proposal Form

Please use the online proposed funding form which will go directly to the Business Administrator of Student Affairs and the sponsoring department. Once received it will be given funding consideration and a notification will be sent.