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Impact Statements & Progress Reports

All funded proposals require impact statements to be submitted to the Advisory Committee. Impact statements are due either one month after MHF funding is received or on the next due date for MHF proposals (regardless of whether you've received the funds or not), whichever comes first. Failure to submit an impact statement on time may disqualify applicants and the organizations they represent from receiving future MHF funding, and may incur additional consequences.

Acceptance of MHF funding means that one also accepts all the conditions set forth in the award letter from the MHF committee, including following advertising guidelines and submission of an impact report. Those who do not adhere to the conditions of the award may be considered in violation of the Caltech Honor Code.

All impact statements should include the following information (if applicable):

  • Participation/usage statistics, broken down by status (graduate students, undergraduates, etc.).
  • Names and roles of those who assisted in implementing the project.
  • Detailed project financial statement including all sources of income and all expenses. This document should compare the projected budget with actual spending and income.
  • Summary of the project's implementation: major steps and milestones, unexpected occurrences or difficulties.
  • Copies of all flyers or other advertisements, details on how project was/is advertised.
  • Description of how the project will be maintained if it is a long-term project.
  • If project is a recurring event or requires future funding, a description of plans to secure alternative sources of funding in the future.
  • Additional information you think the Committee will find useful in evaluating the impact of your project (statements by participants, etc.).

Note: If the above data are not yet known because your project has been delayed or is not fully implemented, you must still submit a progress report by the appropriate deadline (see above). In such a report, you should detail the current status of your project. The MHF committee will then provide you with a deadline for submission of your next report.

Email impact statements and progress reports to