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Bechtel Residence and Residential Life

In the fall of 2018, Caltech will be opening the Bechtel Residence, which will house an additional 212 undergraduate students on campus. The introduction of Bechtel is a major event in our small community, and will change the makeup of our residences substantially for the first time in more than 20 years. The introduction of a new residence will enable essentially all of our undergraduate students to live on campus and will significantly impact off-campus housing opportunities for all students. 

Since the decision to open Bechtel was first announced in 2012, the community has been actively engaged in discussions and planning to shape the physical structure, design, and layout of Bechtel, as well as to reflect on how best to incorporate this new building into our residential life system.

Detailed in the PDF below is the final plan for opening and occupying Bechtel in fall of 2018, as well as our plans for enhancing residential life.

Plan for the Future of Residential Life and Opening the Bechtel Residence (PDF)

Bechtel Background Material

Polaris Plan and Committee on Undergraduate Caltech Housing (COUCH) Reports, 2017 (PDF)
*updated 2/2/2018 to include subgroup reports

Building Bechtel

S. D. Bechtel Foundation Gives $25 Million to Enrich Campus Life, Outreach Programs 

Bechtel Housing Preview

Information on the living arrangements and floor plans for the new residence is available on Caltech Housing’s Bechtel Housing Preview site. 

Questions & Comments

To help in answering additional questions individuals in our community might have, a list of Frequently Asked Questions is also available. We will continue to review and update questions as common themes emerge.

Vice President for Student Affairs Joseph Shepherd will be available to students during office hours for dates in March and April to be announced on the Student Affairs’ main page and via e-mail to all students. During office hours, appointments will be available on a first-come basis, and students will be encouraged to meet in small groups.