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Student Activities & Programs

Student Activities & Programs Home

Student Clubs Registration, advising, events, administration

Student Government Advise and train undergraduate student government, yearbook, Little T, student shop, finances

Cooking Class PA016

Retreat Fund and Activities Food for Thought Fund and events Pranks

Senior Class Activities Ditch Day, senior class trip, class gift, senior dinner

Major Events Carnival, ASCIT movie, Olive Harvest, Interhouse, concerts, winter carnival, mudeo, Pi night, student-alum events, Pasadena Games, end of rotation dinner, ditch day, be a kid again day, midnight madness

Holiday Programming Winter break series of events, Spring break activities

On-going events/activities There are roughly 11,000 student visits to 400 S. Hill a year for things like off-campus student dinners, Sunday night dinners, game nights, athletics trips, Coffeehouse events, etc.

Student Activites and Programs
MC 160-86
Center for Student Services
(626) 395-6194